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Kitame Kaido Course

  • 5km
  • 120min
The Kitame Kaido, with its charming bamboo forests and stone steps, was the route used by the Sagara noble family around the 12th century. The route was also said to have been used by the Satsuma rebel armies led by Sago Takamori during the Satsuma Rebellion in the 19th century.

Start point

Ishikura Taragimachi Koryukaikan

Taragi 1543-1, Taragimachi, Kumagun

Car 35 min via National Route or Fruity Road after getting off at Hitoyoshi IC
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Name Taragi Footpath Club
Address "C/O Taragi Footpath Club, Kume 999, Taragimachi, Kumagun "
Tel 080-8807-0020
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