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Nakayuta, Minamioguni Course

  • 2km
  • 60min
This course takes you through the beautiful backcountry mountains of Minamioguni. Along the course and among the mountains, you'll find a park filled with broad-leaf and fruit-bearing trees maintained by the locals. After your walk, you can relax at a stylish cafe or stay at a local farm. This hidden gem of a village is the perfect place to take your time and enjoy the quiet.

Start point

Café Karin

Nakahara 4581, Ogunimachi, Asogun

Car 1 hour 30 min by car from Kumamoto IC
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Name Aso Regional GIAHS Executive Committee (C/O Kumamoto Prefecture Aso Regional Development Bureau, Agricultural Extension and Promotion Division)
Address Miyaji 2402, Ichinomiyamachi, Aso City
Tel 0967-22-1115(代表)
Fax 0966-38-0008
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