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The Kozaki Terraced Rice Paddy Course

  • 4km
  • 90min

Plateau Covered with Terraced Rice Paddies - The Hidden Village of Kozaki

The hamlet of Kozaki is home to a group of terraced rice paddies built from stone that date back over 400 years. Depending on the season, you can see either freshly planted, water-filled paddies, paddies filled with golden rice, or the local red spider lilies. The stone structures are very picturesque like Machu Picchu, earning it the name "the Machu Picchu of Misato."
Fun Points
1. Rare worship of Myoken Shrine
2. Observation points near entrance to terraced rice paddies
3. Rice paddies made up of curved lines
4. Golden rice and red spider lilies
5. Carpet of pink flowers
6. Scenery reflected in water-filled rice paddies

Start point

Ozaki Shrine

Misatomachi Kozaki, Shimomashikigun

Car 50 min by car from Matsubase IC
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Contact Us

Name Misato Footpath Association
Address Baba 749-1, Misatomachi, Shimomashikigun
Tel 0964-53-9997
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