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Oiso Soyokaze Course

  • 6km
  • 120min

Mountain Trail with a Grand Lookout

If you time it right, you'll see rows and rows of freshly harvested rice out to dry in the sun in the fields on the right bank above the Midori River Dam. As you enjoy the mountain ridges stretching out in front of you, you make your way over to backcountry mountain located on private land. This course is packed full with enough charm to make you forget the frequent uphill and downhill walking. This course is also a good place to meet with some of the locals.

Start point

Zei Aso Shrine

Tono Misatomachi, Shimomashikigun

Car 50 min by car from Matsubase IC
Course map

Yes (for purchase)

Contact Us

Name Misato Footpath Association
Address Baba 749-1, Misatomachi, Shimomashikigun
Tel 0964-53-9997
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