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Shimofukura Course

  • 2km
  • 60min

You'll Never Grow Tired of Gazing at these Terraced Rice Paddies

The terraced rice paddies of Shimofukura come in all shapes and sizes and seem to hang like shelves off the mountains they are a part of. When the rice has just been planted and the paddies are full of water, the setting sun makes a stunning reflection off the water surface. Once the sun goes down, the paddies act as mirrors that reflect the countless twinkling stars.

Start point

Misatomachi Shimofukura Konbane (Ground Golf Course)

Shimofukura, Misatomachi , Shimomashikigun

Car 60 min by car from Matsubase IC
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Contact Us

Name Misato Footpath Association
Address Baba 749-1, Misatomachi, Shimomashikigun
Tel 0964-53-9997
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