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Uwaide Course

  • 7km
  • 150min

The Tsuru River and Misato's Oldest Irrigation Waterway

This course follows the Uwaide Canal as it branches from the Tsuru River and makes its way down through the mountains. Walking through the rice paddies fed by the Uwaide is a very relaxing experience. The route visits a number of shrines and small altars that are cared for by the local residents. The course starts along the Tsuru River and ends again at the Tsuru River.

Start point

Hibiki Misatomachi Cultural Exchange Center

Tominaga 1483, Misatomachi, Shimomashikigun

Car 30 min by car from Matsubase IC
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Contact Us

Name Misato Footpath Association
Address Baba 749-1, Misatomachi, Shimomashikigun
Tel 0964-53-9997
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