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Onikizaki Course

  • 5km
  • 90min

The Mountains and Coast that Faces the East China Sea

Oniki means "where the demons come" with the "demons" referring to foreigners as their ships had been spotted here a long time ago. A guardhouse was also established here as a result. The local people in this region have struggled over the centuries at the hands of various natural phenomena, and this course introduces the natural landscapes that the locals have lived together with.
Fun Points
1. Thousand-year ficus
2. Willow road
3. Rustic, handmade bridges 
4. Road to the cape 
5. Onikizaki Beach 
6. Ikeda Pond and Ryuogu Shrine

Start point

Onikimachi Ikeda

Onikimachi Ikeda

Car 3 hour by car from Matsubase IC
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Contact Us

Name Council to Preserve the Nature and Culture of Onikizaki
Address Onikimachi 4688-1, Amakusa City
Tel 0969-72-8821
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