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Einoo & Furuyashiki Course

  • 5km
  • 150min

Power Spots Born from the Sea and the Mountains

This scenic course starts at Einoo Shrine, goes through the Furuyashiki community, then goes down Mt. Kamada. Mt. Kamada is shaped like a manta ray (ei in Japanese), and Einoo Shrine is located where the tail would be, which is why the temple name means "tail of the manta" in Japanese. Enjoy your walk through the old-timey town of Furuyashiki as you enjoy the views of Mt. Kamada and the Shiranui Sea.

Start point

Einoo Shrine

Einoo 615, Shiranuimachi, Uki City

Car 20 min by car from Matsubase IC
Bus 20 min from Matsubase Station (Sanko Bus)
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Uki City Society of Commerce and Industry
Address Shiranui Kora 2477-1, Uki City
Tel 0964-42-8111
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