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Kyushu Olle

Amakusa/Matsushima Course

  • 11km
  • 300min

Experience the Beautiful Scenery of Matsushima with Your Whole Body

This course tells the hidden historical tales of the region while showing you all the marine beauty of Amakusa. Along the course, you'll see many of the Amakusa islands, enjoy a 360-degree panorama and enormous stones at beautiful Mt. Senganmori, learn about the story of Amakusa Shiro, and visit a foot hot spring after passing through Mt. Sengan.

Fun Points
・Over 60,000sqm of rice fields
・Flat, quiet sea, almost as if glass
・Must-see cherry blossoms on Mt. Sengan
・Post-walk foot hot spring
・Mild-flavored Amakusa shochu
・Salty and tasty kuruma prawn crackers

Start point

Chijyu Kannon

Imaizumi, Matsushimamachi, Kamiamakusa City

Car 1 hour 10 min by car from Matsubase IC
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Contact Us

Name Kamiamakusa City Tourism Hospitality Division
Address Oyanomachikami 1514, Kamiamakusa City
Tel 0964-26-5512
Fax 0964-56-5107
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