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Kyushu Olle

Amakusa & Iwajima Island Course

  • 12km
  • 300min

Walk Amongst Nature in the Hometown of Amakusa Shiro

This course takes you almost entirely around the island of Iwajima, which is one of many that compose the Amakusa archipelago. You'll lose track of time as you gaze out over the countless islands floating upon the calm Amakusa sea, and from the top of one of the mountains, you can see Mt. Aso and Mt. Unzen.
Fun Points
・Over 20 tombs with stone coffins
・Seasonal grasses and flowers
・360 degree panorama from the summit
・Natural beach since ages ago
・Art-like driftwood
・Quiet seaside almost like a lake

Start point


Oyanomachi Iwashima Island, Kamiamakusa (Senzaki)

Car 1 hour by car from Matsubase IC
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Kamiamakusa City Tourism Hospitality Division
Address Oyanomachikami 1514, Kamiamakusa City
Tel 0964-26-5512
Fax 0964-56-5107
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