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Oda Town Walk Course

  • 6km
  • 130min
This course takes you through the seaside mountains, where mikan orange orchards spread out before you, backed by the Ariake Sea and Mt. Unzen. Along the way, you'll visit the retro-styled red-roofed Shimooda Station, built in 1899, as well as its cafe that is only open on weekends and holidays, a museum on Oda Pottery, and the flower-covered Soda Pottery Workshop.

Start point

Oda Sta.

Shimoodamachi 2101-1, Uto City

Car 30 min by car from Matsubase IC
Course map

Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Uto Footpath Association (C/O Ajisainoyu, Uto City Health and Welfare Hall)
Address Amizu 2283, Uto City
Tel 0964-24-3456
Fax 0964-24-3456
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