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Sumiyoshi & Seabed Road Course

  • 11km (Short Course / About 3.5km)
  • 270min (Short Course / About 120min)
This course features a number of interesting spots, including the Nagabeta Seabed Road, which is a place where, at high tide, all you can see is a row of utility poles stretching out into the sea, but at low tide, a road appears from the seabed that fishermen drive their trucks down while they work. There is also the Sumiyoshi Nature Park which is famous for its hydrangeas, along with a land reclamation stone wall built around 1700, and Taware Island, which is mentioned in a very old book called the Pillow Book. (The fish and farmer's market is open on weekends.)

Start point

Ajisainoyu (Sumiyoshi Sta. for short course)

Amizumachi 2283, Uto City (Sumiyoshimachi for short course)

Car 30 min by car from Matsubase IC
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Name Uto Footpath Association (C/O Ajisainoyu, Uto City Health and Welfare Hall)
Address Amizu 2283, Uto City
Tel 0964-24-3456
Fax 0964-24-3456
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