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Futamata and the Sites of the Satsuma Rebellion Course

  • 4km
  • 90min
In the east of Gyokuto lies the Futamata Plateau, a plateau that is split right down the middle. A walk through this tiny valley lets you see nature as it is and makes you feel like an explorer as you make your way down the quiet pathway. The top of the plateau offers views of Tabaruzaka, a famous battlefield in the Satsuma Rebellion, and is where you can find both recent artillery sites and ancient tombs, offering a sense of the deep history of the area.

Start point

Tamana Gyokuto Chuo Public Hall

Shiraki 1-1, Gyokutomachi, Tamanagun

Car 20 min by car from Ueki IC
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Name Gyokutomachi Board of Education
Address Shiraki 1-1, Gyokutomachi, Tamanagun
Tel 0968-85-3609
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