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Shichijo Course(Short)

  • 5km
  • 100min

Visiting the Flowers and Cultural Properties of Shichijo

This course lets you experience the natural blessings bestowed upon the Kikuchi region, including the great Kikuchi River, the waters of which are used to grow the regions famed Shichijo Rice, and the Mae River Fountainhead, named as one of Japan's Top 100 Springs. You will also visit the site of Kameo Castle and Hekiganji Temple and get a sense of what life was like for the residents of Kikuchi centuries ago.

Start point

Shichijo Onsen Dome

Hayashibaru 962-1, Shichijomachi, Kikuchi City

Car 10 min by car from Ueki IC
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Name 七城温泉ドーム
Address 熊本県菊池市七城町林原962-1
Tel 0968-26-4800
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