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Harudomi Region Course

  • 6km
  • 60min
This course winds through the rice paddies built centuries ago by the ancestors of the locals in this mountain-surrounded area. The course features highlights like the Hananoka Sake Brewery, the site of Tanaka Castle, the home of Kanakuri Shiso (the father of long-distance running in Japan), and eight gods related to the human body.

Start point

Site of Tanaka Castle

Wani, Nagomimachi, Tamanagun

Car 20 min by car from Kikusui IC
Bus 1 hour 10 min from Shin-Tamana Station (Sanko Bus)
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Contact Us

Name Nagomimachi Commerce and Tourism Department
Address Eta 3886, Nagomimachi, Tamanagun
Tel 0968-86-5725
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