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Natural Spring Course

  • 7km
  • 180min

Learning the Beliefs and Traditions of the People of Kikuchi, a Place with a Strong Connection to its Water

The best spot is looking out over the terraced rice fields from the top of the plateau. Along the course, you can enjoy the pure waters that flow down the Kikuchi River and the irrigation canals. You'll love the rich, seasonal, natural landscapes and meeting with the locals.
Fun Points
1. Shrine with legend about Kappa
2. Canal adventure down the Hara Ide canal
3. Fun activities at Mizuhara Exchange Center
4. Stone-paved road that goes on for a long distance
5. Group of terraced rice field observation points
6. Optional course is fun, too

Start point

Kikuchi Furusato Suigen Koryukan

Haru 1600, Kikuchi City

Car 40 min by car from Ueki IC
Course map

Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Kikuchi Footpath Council (C/O Kikuchi Furusato Suigen Koryukan)
Address Haru 1600, Kikuchi City
Tel 0968-27-0102
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