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Ueno Yase Stone-Paved Path Course

  • 3km
  • 60min

The Worn Edges of the Paving Stones Tell Their History

This easy course takes you through the area around the Yase Bridge, which is part of the Hyuga Thoroughfare that connects Kumamoto with Nobeoka. Visitors can enjoy the charming stone-paved roads and small village pathways.
Fun Points
1. Hase Bridge, a historic stone bridge
2. Stone-paved Hyuga Thoroughfare
3. Unagi Falls and Hase River
4. Atmosphere of Hase village
5. Sarutahiko Okami 
6. Chisel markings in the rock where the path was cleared"

Start point


Ueno, Mifunemachi, Kamimashikigun

Car 15 min by car from Kyushu Chuo Expwy Oike-Takayama IC
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Name Mifunemachi Tourism Exchange Center
Address Mifune 1003-1, Mifunemachi, Kamimashikigun (Tourism Exchange Center)
Tel 096-282-4700
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