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Mifune Downtown Course

  • 6km
  • 120min

Walk the Downtown and Back Alleys of Mifune

Mifune first prospered through water-based transport of goods, and the traditional white-walled buildings that still stand are reminders of the history of this town. You can visit the Jizo statues located throughout the town by walking through the back alleys and along the Mifune River.

Start point

Mifune Dinosaur Museum

Mifune 995-6, Mifunemachi, Kamimashikigun

Car 5 min by car from Mifune IC
Bus 1 hour from Kotsu Center (Sanko Bus)
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Contact Us

Name Mifunemachi Tourism Exchange Center
Address Mifune 1003-1, Mifunemachi, Kamimashikigun (Tourism Exchange Center)
Tel 096-282-4700
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