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Higashi Takebaru West Course

  • 3km
  • 60min
This course takes you through a cluster of Japanese laurel trees and a forest of Kumamoto's famous nango cypress trees before arriving at a century-old forest of measa cedar trees, a type of tree that is the treasure of Kyushu. The forests grow slowly towards the sky, generation after generation. Upon your return, the gong of Nohara Tenmangu Shrine, a municipally designated cultural property, awaits, along with a 450-year-old enormous zelkova tree.

Start point

Higashi Takebaru Rojin Ikoinoie (Community Center for Elderly People)

Higashitakebaru, Yamatocho, Kamimashikigun

Car 60 min by car from Kyushu Chuo Expwy Yamato-Nakashima Nishi IC
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Name 山都町役場農林振興課
Address 熊本県上益城郡山都町浜町6番地
Tel 0967-72-1136
Fax 0967-72-1080
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