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Tamakina Course

  • 8km
  • 130min

古墳から新幹線まで「玉名」の歴史を体感From Ancient Tombs to the Shinkansen: Experience the History of Tamana

This course starts with a nice walk from Shin-Tamana Station along the Kikuchi River, then visits a few important places in Tamana like the Bonjigun stones, on which Sanskrit characters are carved, as wells as a number of memorial stones and ancient tombs. This course shows you both sides of Tamana, from the modern side represented by the Shin-Tamana Shinkansen Station to the historical side of this storied city. 

Fun Points
1. Tamakina, where Tamana comes from
2. Many decorated tombs
3. Contrast between green of the cedar trees and pink of the cherry blossoms in the sunlight
4. Relaxing path along the Kikuchi River
5. Sanskrit characters
6. Start from Shinkansen station

Start point

Kyushu Shinkansen Shin-Tamana Sta.

Ryohazama 308, Tamana City

Train Shin-Tamana Shinkansen Station
Course map

Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Tamana Tourism Bureau
Address Ryohazama 308, Tamana City (C/O Kanko Hotto Plaza Tamalala, Shin-Tamana Sta.)
Tel 0968-72-5313
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