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Ryuhoku Ancient Tomb Course

  • 4km
  • 90min

A Place with Ties to the Ancient Clans of Kumamoto

The ancient tombs of Nozuko consist of four keyhole-shaped tombs, one of which, the Onoiwaya tomb, is supposedly one of the largest in Japan. This course lets you enjoy the ancient culture and history of the rolling hills to the east of Hikawa. You can also look out over the Yatsushiro Plain from the site of Sasao Castle.
Fun Points
1. Walk from Hikawa Walking Center
2. Jizo statues mark the way to the peak
3. Site of Sasao Castle (restroom available) 
4. Onoiwaya tomb and Takazuka decorated tomb
5. Can sometimes see Mt. Unzen
6. Enjoy the surrounding mountain landscape

Start point

Hikawamachi Walking Center

Ono 897, Hikawacho, Yatsushirogun

Car 3 min from Kyushu Expwy Uki-Hikawa Smart IC
Bus 20 min from Ogawa Station (Sanko Bus)
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Hikawamachi Commerce and Tourism Department
Address Miyaharaeikyu 69-1, Hikawacho, Yatsushirogun
Tel 0965-62-2315
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