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Furuishi Course

  • 3km
  • 90min

Rice Paddies, Streams, and the Satsuma Thoroughfare

Walk along the calm Yunoura River and feel the history of the Satsuma Thoroughfare, an ancient road used by nobility as they made their regular pilgrimages to the capital of Edo (modern-day Tokyo). You can also enjoy the seasonal flowers that bloom along the road and the spacious rice paddies that dot the landscape.

Start point

Enishi Farmer's Restaurant

Furuishi 499, Ashikitamachi, Ashikitagun

Car 25 min from Hinagu/Ashikita Route Ashikita IC
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Name Footpath Ashikita
Address Sashiki 48-2, Ashikitamachi, Ashikitagun
Tel 090-3883-6869(佐藤)
Fax 0966-82-5568
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