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Ono Kuma River Course

  • 8km
  • 180min
This walk runs along the Kuma River from the Ono region of Ashikita to the Kuma Kyusendo Caves. You can enjoy watching people float down the river on boats and rafts, as well as see the trains of the Kumagawa Railroad as they make their way along the riverside railroad tracks.

Start point

Tsuge District Shogai Gakushu Center (Lifelong Learning Center )

Tsuge 442, Ashikitamachi, Ashikitagun

Car 25 min from Hinagu/Ashikita Route Ashikita IC
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Contact Us

Name Footpath Ashikita
Address Sashiki 48-2, Ashikitamachi, Ashikitagun
Tel 090-3883-6869(佐藤)
Fax 0966-82-5568
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