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Ikura Minamikata Course

  • 5km
  • 120min

港町伊倉の歴史を感じるFeel the History of the Port Town of Ikura

This course lets you experience the history that made Ikura into the bustling port town it once was. You'll start at Kosenji Temple in downtown Ikura, see a gingko tree that was used to moor foreign trade ships, then walk over hills and visit the Ikura Minami and Ikura Kita Shrines.

Start point

Kosenji Temple

Ikura Kitakata 3095, Tamana City

Car 15 min by car from Kikusui IC
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Tamana Tourism Bureau
Address Ryohazama 308, Tamana City (C/O Kanko Hotto Plaza Tamalala, Shin-Tamana Sta.)
Tel 0968-72-5313
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