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Iwajo, Home of Japanese Heritage, Course

  • 4Km
  • 50min
This 4km course offers views of the town of Nishiki from Kuranjo Park, runs past the Japan Heritage Kimoto Shrine on the site of Iwa Castle, then past the site of the Hitoyoshi Naval Air Base and on to the peaceful communities of Kakui and Sako.

Start point

Kuranjo Park

Kinoue 2725, Nishikimachi, Kumagun

Car 25 min by car from Hitoyoshi IC
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Nishikimachi Society of Commerce and Industry
Address Ichibu 1587-1, Oaza, Nishikimachi, Kumagun
Tel 0966-38-0009
Fax 0966-38-0008
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