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Mt. Shotai Course

  • 4km
  • 90min

The Panoramas from the Summit of Mt. Shotai

Take a leisurely stroll up Mt. Shotai while you enjoy a variety of different views, like Aso and the shinkansen from Maruyama, and Mt. Unzen from Mt. Kannon. You can also meet and make friends with some of the locals who regularly walk up Mt. Shotai.

Start point

Shodaisan Furusato Nature Park Visitor Center

Tsuiji Shodaichi 1512-62, Tamana City

Car 20 min by car from Kikusui IC
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Contact Us

Name Tamana Tourism Bureau
Address Ryohazama 308, Tamana City (C/O Kanko Hotto Plaza Tamalala, Shin-Tamana Sta.)
Tel 0968-72-5313
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