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Nekodera Temple Course

  • 6km
  • 150min

Learn the History and Culture of Deep Kuma

This course lets you experience the charm of the three towns located the deepest in the Kuma region (Taragi, Yunomae, and Mizukami) and also showcases the historical Japanese Heritage of the region. You can take the Kumagawa Railway back to the starting point of the course.
Fun Points
1. Start at Yunomae Station/Yutopia
2. Manga art museum located nearby
3. Shitamachi Bridge, a +100-year-old stone bridge 
4. Beautiful Mt. Ichifusa view
5. Hyakutaro Channel (irrigation) 
6. Finish at Shin-Tsuruba Station

Start point

Yunomae Sta.

Kamimakihara 1760-3, Yunomaemachi, Kumagun

Car 40 min by car from Hitoyoshi IC
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Association for Promotion of Okukuma Regional Collaboration
Address Yunomaemachi 1989-1, Kumagun
Tel 0966-43-4111
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