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Yaguro-Togoshi Course

  • 5km
  • 120min

A Path of Many Faces: Heading into the Mountains from the Kuma River

This course starts along the Kuma River and heads through rural farmland where you'll be able to see a rare bean sprout farm. The course also takes you through a mystical path cut through a mountain, and you can also watch boats make their way down the Kuma River from the stone bridge at Yaguro Shrine.

Fun Points
1. Start at Nishise Community Center
2. Lots of hot springs and places to eat
3. Bean sprout cultivation on the river bed
4. Historical Kurosaka path cut through a mountain
5. Toto Shrine, Jizodo, Bishamondo, Yaguro Shrine
6. Scenery along the Kuma River

Start point

Nishize Community Center

Shimotogoemachi 1063-1, Hitoyoshi City

Car 10 min by car from Hitoyoshi IC
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Nishize Community Center
Address Shimotogoemachi 1063-1, Hitoyoshi City
Tel 0966-22-6934
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