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Miyazono Koyashi-no-Michi Course

  • 4km
  • 50min

The Road Through Koyashi is a Road of Water, Forests, and Wildlife

After passing through the Koyashi area of Miyazono, filled with rice paddies and fruit orchards, this course takes you through the terraced rice fields of Yokote and along the clear-running Kawabe River. The course is always changing, from running through groves to following animal paths, so you'll feel like an adventurer exploring areas that only the locals know about.

Start point

Miyazono Koryukan

Itsukimura Ko 5670, Kumagun

Car 1 hour by car from Yatsushiro IC (via Odoritoge)
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Society for the Study of Itsukimura Green Tourism
Address Itsukimura Ko 2672-7, Kumagun
Tel 0966-37-2212
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