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Kurizuru/Yokote Course

  • 4km
  • 90min

Seasonal Nature and Scenery

If you ascend the steep slope that rises above the agricultural district of Nishitani, you'll find Kurizuru, a vivid reminder of the farming countryside of yesteryear. Then, you head towards Yokote Park while listening to the chirping of the birds and babbling of the clear mountain streams. Along the way, you'll enjoy the unspoiled outdoors and rich seasonal landscapes of the area.

Start point

Miyazono Koryukan

Itsukimura Ko 5670, Kumagun

Car 1 hour by car from Yatsushiro IC (via Odoritoge)
Course map

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Name Society for the Study of Itsukimura Green Tourism
Address Itsukimura Ko 2672-7, Kumagun
Tel 0966-37-2212
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