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Tano Kogen Footpath Course

  • 4km
  • 120min

Take a Walk through a Noyaki Field

This course offers views from the top of 700m-tall Mt. Miharu and winds through the rural countryside at the foot of the mountain. This special course lets you walk through grasslands maintained through regular field burnings (noyaki) to prevent tree growth and offers a natural look at how the seasons change in this local region.
Fun Points
1. Beautiful scenery of Mt. Miharu
2. The Ta-no-kami that has been moved twice already
3. Grasslands that change in appearance with the seasons
4. Atmosphereic nature 
5. Grasslands at altitude of 700m
6. The pretty gentian and parnassia flowers that bloom along the path

Start point

Tano Kasseika Center

Tanomachi 339 2-2, Hitoyoshi City

Car 40 min by car from Hitoyoshi IC
Course map

Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Tano Kogen Miharukai
Address Tanomachi 3566, Hitoyoshi City
Tel 0966-29-0126
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