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The History of Igusanosato Walk Rally

  • 6km
  • 120min

Visiting the Historical Sites of Igusanosato and Sencho

This course visits the site of Agetsuchi Castle, the Kakuga Tombstone, the site of the Yoshiomaru District, the Juoh Memorial Stone, the Kayahara Memorial Tower, Hanatate Jizo, 東万願之助碑、and the historic shell mound site.

Start point

Sencho Communication Center

八代市千丁町新牟田1434Shinmuta 1434, Senchomachi, Yatsushiro City

Car 10 min by car from Yatsushiro IC
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Name Association for Sencho School District Regional Development
Address Shinmuta 1434, Senchomachi, Yatsushiro City
Tel 0965-46-1720
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