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Town Walk

A Look at 14th Century Japan Course

  • 4km
  • 80min

History and Nostalgia at the Ryuho Ancient Tombs

This course takes you through the area of Koda, which was an important location in medieval and modern Japan. Heading east from the road that heads into a residential area, you'll find the site of the Koda Tenaga branch government office, the Yohai Weir, and Toyoashihara Shrine, and then by going clockwise around the orange orchards, you'll come across Naragi Shrine and the site of the Koda Imperial Court.

Start point

Koda Community Center

Honnomachi 505, Yatsushiro City

Car 5 min by car from Yatsushiro IC
Bus 30 min from Shin-Yatsushiro Station (transfer from JR, take Sanko Bus)
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Name Association for Koda Regional Development
Address Honnomachi 505, Yatsushiro City
Tel 0965-34-3031
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