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Kyushu Olle

Amakusa-Reihoku Course

  • 11km
  • 240min

Walk the Foundation of the Tomioka Peninsula and its Sand Bar

Tomioka Island is connected to the main island by a long sand bar. Starting at Tomioka Port, a long staircase leads up to the site of Tomioka Castle, which offers beautiful views of the town below. Cool breezes blow between the trees planted along the walking path, and the relaxing noise of the sea waves fills your ears as you walk. The finish line of the course that awaits is a hot spring center, ready to relax you in its piping hot waters.
Fun Points
1. Tomioka Castle is becoming more popular 
2. Walk the pebblestone beaches
3. Enormous pottery stones jutting out from Shiraishi Cape 
4. The burial mound for severed heads historical site 
5. After you're tired from your walk, stop by Rinsen Hot Springs to refresh
6. Clear, cobalt-blue sea

Start point

Tomioka Port Passenger Waiting Room

Tomioka 2711-47, Reihokumachi, Amakusagun

Car 2 hour by car from Matsubase IC
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