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Yatsushiro-yaki Pottery Course

  • 3km
  • 80min

Touring the Sites of Workshops that Crafted Pottery for the Nobility

This course runs along the railroad from Higo Koda Station and heads southward before doubling back. The course runs along the foothills and visits the sites of Junirigi, a mountain fortress, a Koda-yaki pottery workshop used at the time by the local government, and the Hirayama roof tile workshop where the roof tiles for Mugishima Castle were fired. The site of Hirayama Castle is slightly elevated and offers a panoramic view of the Yatsushiro Plain, Mt. Unzen, and Amakusa.

Start point

Hisatsu Orange Railway Higotakada Sta.

Hirayama Shinmachi, Yatsushiro City

Car 5 min by car from Yatsushiro IC
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Yes (free)

Contact Us

Name Association for Koda Regional Development
Address Honnomachi 505, Yatsushiro City
Tel 0965-34-3031
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